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The proposed partnership will impact broader society through:

  • International collaboration to improve scientific understanding of the future of the Amazon, including the role of Amazon forests in global biogeochemical cycling and climate change.

  • Education of undergraduate and graduate students that integrates a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum with experience-based international field work that will foster intensive international collaborations between U.S. and Brazilian research groups.

  • Hands-on projects in an Amazon forest that will sustainably advance education of both Brazilian and U.S. students, including those from underrepresented groups, in international contexts.

  • Intensive collaboration between U.S. and Brazilian partners, leveraging significant added value from Brazilian support of Brazilian partners, and from extensive infrastructure and sophisticated field instrumentation, a result of past NASA and Brazilian support.

  • Foundations for a sustainable international collaboration that will foster a new generation of culturally experienced scientific leaders prepared to address global environmental problems.

  • Recruitment and training of underrepresented groups including minorities and women.

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