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PIRE Field Course 2012 Fees, Travel Costs & Stipends

Airfare to Brazil is expected to be around US$ 2,200. 

A Brazilian VITEM 1 visa will cost around US$ 360. We will assist students in arranging travel from the U.S. to the course location in Brazil and with their visa application.

Limited support is available on a competitive basis for travel assistance.

Formal academic (2 units) credit is available from the University of Arizona for an additional fee.

Registration Instructions

Students currently enrolled at the University of Arizona may register for Summer 2012, ECOL 496T/596T, through WebReg.  Visit, click “Student Link,” and log in with your new ID.  Select WebReg and follow instructions to add the course.

Registration and fees for 2 units of graduate credit is $899.50.  Visit the following website for posting of summer fees: or for a breakdown of tuition and fees.

If you are not currently enrolled and wish to take the course for university credit, please apply to the University of Arizona as a non-degree-seeking student and pay the $35 application fee.  Visit to apply. Once you have been formally admitted and have a NetID, you may register using WebReg as described above.

If you have been accepted into a program at the University of Arizona which does not begin until Fall 2012, you must apply for the summer session as a non-degree-seeking student and pay the $35 application fee, in addition to the tuition and fees. The non-degree-seeking student status for summer will not affect your status as a degree-seeking student in the fall.