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PIRE Field Course 2012

Ecology and Biogeochemistry of the Amazon

July 8– July 19, 2012



Eligibility: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students with science background currently enrolled in earth system science-related undergraduate or graduate studies at the University of Arizona or Harvard University.  Students from other institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

TO APPLY for the Field Course July 8-19, 2012, please fill out the online application form (here) and submit by March 2, 2012.  The online form requires the following:

  (1)  A brief statement (1 page maximum) of why you want to take the course, and how you anticipate that it will fit into your research interests (for background information on Amazon-PIRE goals, consult the project proposal);

  (2)  One letter of recommendation, which can be submitted as an e-mail attachment from an institutional e-mail address sent to, or a printed and signed copy in a sealed envelope.  If you are currently applying to an academic program at the University of Arizona or Harvard University, letters in your application file can serve this purpose;

  (3)  A transcript or list of all courses taken, including grades received, for your most recent academic degree (include subsequent courses if currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Arizona or Harvard University);

  (4)  A current CV.

  (5)  A statement of financial need (optional for those seeking stipend support for course costs or for travel, including:

        (a)  amount of stipend sought for course costs (up to full costs of US$1500), and

        (b)  amount of stipend sought for airfare and visa to Brazil (up to "full airfare" of approximately $2,200 and $360 for visa), and


        (c)  other sources of support (amount and source) you have sought or are seeking which may contribute to field course costs.

Applicants will be judged on their record of academic excellence, on the relevance of their research interests to the scientific goals of Amazon-PIRE, and ability to contribute to the broader international educational goals of the Amazon-PIRE.

Application deadline: March 2, 2012